Creative Ideas on How to Use Webcasts

Has anyone used a webcast in other ways besides a traditional video or audio webcast?

I’ve heard people use webcasts to create a virtual trade show, but wondering if there are other creative ways to use On24.


The best we’ve done is a multi-day multi-session trade show, as you mentioned. We had 24 different vendors utilizing slides and video to present their products over 2 days, with 2 sessions per day (5-7 speakers per session).

Each vendor paid a fee to present and they got 10-12 minutes + 3-5 minutes of Q&A with our moderator if they didn’t run over. We put a limit on slides/content, but these were all our advertisers so we did let them run over a couple minutes if it happened.

We’ve got another one coming up and they’ve been really successful. The first one we ran we had some issues due to too many slides (200+ combined) and then coupled with too many videos (20+) that caused connection issues with some speakers and some issues with the platform. This time we made everyone limit slides to 12 (I mean it’s a 10-12 minute presentation, 12 slides should be more than enough) and no videos. That worked out a lot better and was a lot easier for me to handle as the technical producer and director.

We got about 1,000 people signed up for each session and about 45-55% attendance, so overall it was super successful for our group (it’s a pretty niche market dealing with water and waste water).

We’ve started to incorporate some fun into our event as a break from the over saturation of virtual education. Decided trivia was a good way to go and streamed a live competition cycling through 10 questions twice in 1 hour. Had slides associated with each question we asked and allowed our vendor partners to sponsor prizes for individual correct answers and overall winners. We also incorporated video commercials from our sponsors to break up the “talking head” and slides. To collect answers, we set up a survey widget where they would answer each question. It was a little bit backwards vs what the platform is traditionally used for but it worked… and both our attendees and sponsoring partners loved the creativity of the engagement.

Live worked well, but we plan to record this on-demand for a our next larger event to further encourage participation. You can really script it out and have fun with it if you pre-record and have multiple presenters.

Good luck with your future events!